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Vector 850 M CNC precíziós megmunkálóközpont

Cikkszám: K-181271
Elérhetőség: 3 db raktáron

Termékoldali információk

Leírás és Paraméterek


Powerful BT 40 spindle with speeds up to 10,000 rpm
Rigid machine structure with extra deep center of gravity and small footprint
Compact all-in-one machining center with a standard configuration for various applications, ideal for the cost-conscious user

Machine Design

A major focus during development of this machine was a space-saving design
30 mm preloaded ball screws combined with a digital drive package provide a rigid table guide and high torque
The Vector Series features linear guides on X, Y and Z to ensure high accuracy made possible by lower friction


Spindle runs on multiple bearings to ensure excellent absorption and dissipation of forces during machining
BT 40 spindle with dual tool clamping ensures very secure seating of clamped tools in the spindle
30-Bar internal cooling for optimum machining quality

Tool changer

Dual-arm tool changer with 24 stations ensures adequate flexibility and capacity for every day production needs
Changing times (1.8 seconds tool-to-tool and 3.9 seconds chip-to-chip) increase spindle up-time and machine output

Control Siemens Sinumerik 828D

The top specialist for demanding milling operations

compact, robust, maintenance-free control panel-based CNC
comfortable program and parameter input via QWERTY keyboard
100 adjustable zero offsets
Synchronous actions, and quick output of help functions
Siemens Sinumerik 828 D Milling
maximum machining precision
intelligent kinematic transformations for machining of cylindrical parts, and for angled workpiece levels
SINUMERIK MDynamics with the new Advanced Surface feature: for perfect part surfaces and shortest machining times in mold making applications
Highlights & CNC performance data and functions Siemens Sinumerik 828 D Milling
ShopMill: shortest programming time for single parts and small batch productions
programGUIDE: fastest machining time and maximum flexibility for large series productions
unique spectrum of technology cycles - from milling contours with residual material recognition to process measurements
Animated Elements: unique operation and programming assistance with animated sequences
modern data transfer options via USB stick, CF card and network (Ethernet)
Easy Message: maximum machine availability due to process monitoring per texting (SMS)
SINUMERIK MDynamics package with Advanced Surface for mold making applications
Jerk-limited acceleration
dynamic feed-forward control
4-axis simultaneous interpolation (X, Y, Z and rotary axis)
linear, circular and helical interpolation
tapping without compensating chuck, plus thread cutting
Oriented spindle hold
toggle between inch and metric units
FRAME concept for individual coordinate transformations, rotations, scaling and mirroring
Gép típus Vector 850M
Cikkszám K-181271
Vezeték típus: edzett lapos / lineár (Boxway / Linear way) Lineáris
Vezérlés típusa (controller type) SIEMENS 828 D
Vízszintes / függőleges / univerzális orsó ( Horiz. / Vert. / Univ. spindle) Függőleges
További CNC tengely van/nincs (Addition CNC axis) opció
Asztal hossz (Table length) 1000 mm
Asztal szélesség (Table width) 550 mm
Főorsó meghajtása ( Spindle drive) szíj
Max. teljesítmény (Spindle motor) 9 kW
X-tengely gyorsmenet (Rapid feed X axis) 36 m/min
Y-tengely gyorsmenet (Rapid feed Y axis) 36 m/min
Z-tengely gyorsmenet (Rapid feed Z-axis) 15 m/min
Előtolás X,Y,Z tengely (Feed X,Y,Z axis) - mm/min 10000 mm/min
Szerszámtár férőhely (Too storag capacity) 24 db
Csereidő szerszám/szerszám (Tool to tool change time) 1.8 sec
Csereidő forgács/forgács (Chip to chip change time) 3.9 sec
Paletta cserélő van / nincs (APC) nincs
Pozicionálási pontosság (Positioning accuracy) 0.005 mm
Ismétlési pontosság (repeatability accuracy) 0.003 mm
Gép magasság (Machine height) 2700 mm
Gép szélesség (Machine width) 2200 mm
Gép hossz (Machine lenght) 2420 mm
Gép súly (machine weight) 4900 kg